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Athlete Members receive access to an array of exclusive benefits. View current benefits here.

All Athlete Members are asked to commit to adherence to our Athlete Code of Conduct (ACC). The ACC requires that athletes commit to practicing good sportsmanship, clean (drug-free) racing, and racing with integrity. Additionally, athlete members may be subject to drug testing for performance-enhancing drugs throughout the year.

Athletes should receive their welcome packet within 30 days.

All monetary funds generated from athlete memberships are held in a central account visible and controlled by a committee comprised of a representative from each partner race organization.* These funds are used for initiatives supporting the OCR community, including: athlete development grants, drug-testing at select events, charity initiatives, and more.

*AOCRA is currently pursuing not-for-profit status.

Memberships are valid for one year from the date of purchase. 

Currently, the cost of an annual athlete memberships is $40, plus minor processing fees.

Due to the nature of our organization and work, we regret that memberships are not refundable.